Where are we going?

The decline of a great power or civilization usually starts in the center and works its way out. So, you can’t see it from the outside until it’s too late. Those “talking heads” and politicians don’t always run the show the way an engineer or an accountant would. So many excuses and misdirection is included in the leaders and politian’s excused. We don’t know for sure what is the truth always but we do often knows who benefits. I don’t know if a business person would be good at running a political unit but all this fussing’, pointing fingers and accusations are making me crazy.

Our political deviants inhibit unified action. they fight for their patrons who are most often not us. We do not pay for their consultants and advertising that gets them elected. Why do we expect them to fight for us. “Who benefits who they fight for. Lobbyists and corporations hire government heads to work the system and the courts made up the doctrine that money is free speech. What sense does that make?

Divide and conquer is the way our politicians ply their trade. Politicians always need to win but in civilization, everyone needs to win. People get aggravated when they see the other guy is the only one to win. The best way to divide people is to tie a desired outcome to a meat-and-potatoes issues. “I will support your religion if you support my lies” combines power and works on your imagination to make it seem right because you are tying multiple threads together rather than just saying support my lies.

All those little fingers joining together creates a strength of grip. That binding will withstand a lot of weather. When you’re being attacked it’s very hard to figure out which way to move forward especially in the fence because you don’t want to defend directly where your real danger may come from in a leak action. That’s the power of distraction, false flag, ruse, ambush.

Political thought diminishes your imagination and tries to draw you into a single conclusion rather than being able to see the many different facets of a solution. Sometimes it’s the entertainment factor that draws people into political circle.


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