Creativity is becoming a lost art to the normal human. We feel that it takes great effort just to make a living. But does it? That might have been true a hundred years ago, but today we have time off, most of us do who appreciate the concept. We spend that time watching screens, my favorite is cat videos – engineering videos too.

Why don’t we make more of our time. Maybe we don’t develope enough interest to overcome inertia. The couch has a deep grove we fall into. Still, the world turns and others are not standing still. Learning to see the details and nuance propels me into a binge of questioning.

Nuance, the recognition of complexity and the ability to find the right depth of logical,and useful starting place are skills that should not be underestimated. Not enough research is done to develop necessary choices, options and techniques to create interest in the normal person. The internet comes in handy here.

Creative ways to ask opinions can be invaluable in the search for new solutions to existing problems. Framing the question can make all the difference when trying to get an effective suggestion or solution. Tone of thought can be trained to habitually affect creative answers. The ability to listen and participate in silent response may be necessary to give space for all thought.

Observation is the key to guiding your plan to success. Communication and the side step of potential conflict may advantage your time, energy and resources.

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