I am curious by nature. I am intrigued by the inconsistency around us. It doesn’t help that it is so easy to surround ourselves with what we WANT to hear. That is a bad habit, worse than picking your nose. But, pick a few we must. Let’s start with tradition. That’s an easy target since there are so many.

We all have our own history, the story of our past and lineage. How often do we think about other histories. Chinese, Arabic, ancient or prehistoric, they all have their own many stories. History is like evolution in that it branches and repeats its themes. So, where is this leading? It leads to our creation and acceptance of the histories around us rather than being stuck with a single draft. It gives us permission to tamper with our own stories and imagine possibilities.

We can unstick ourselves from the bulletin board of time, not to lose our own but to learn. These other realities are to explore and appreciate for their intricacies, nuance and solutions.  There are so many interesting paths to climb and equations solved in new ways. There is a lot to learn from the stories of others. There are many products to the same problems we face every day. Some of them are much more elegant and/or simple than the ones we stick with when we only pay no attention to the stories familiar to us.