Life is Mysterious!

A wise person once told me that “Life is mysterious, don’t take it too serious.”  I haven’t always taken that advice and maybe it doesn’t fit all situations. But, life is not hard wired to move you along some path of righteousness or deliver you from foggy skirmish to clear free sky. You already know that. Life is a processing of events, a ride on a horse called time that takes shape over an ever changing landscape. We only have limited control over the horse and only vague understanding of its direction. 


We gather our knowledge and habits along the way from our grip on the reigns, the confidence in our seat,the balance we display and the geography through which we travel. Those shades of grey background and multicolor flash of lightning in the distance combine to drive us forward to the next oasis. These are all made up concepts to make sense of the world. Answers are not permanent answers. Solutions depend on the context with which we are presented, much like the space and time continuum with velocity and gravity working to create our landscape. The speed and weight of elements are constantly changing. Position and response can be so much a fluid. Adjustments are constant and changing, maintained at critical points.

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